Magic Item: Silvershod Boots

New Wondrous Item from the Silverwater Run: Kranthom Mines module:
Boots, Silvershod
Aura Faint Evocation; CL 3rd
Slot feet; Price 7,200 gp; Weight 3 lbs.
These boots appear to be normal work boots shod in silver as malleable as leather.  While standing on stone, the wearer may stomp his feet as a standard action.  The stone beneath the wearer’s feet shatters with a violent tremor and sends shards of stone flying in all directions.  Creatures adjacent to the wearer take 2d6 bludgeoning damage.  Creatures affected may attempt a DC 13 Reflex save to halve the damage.  Creatures that fail their save fall prone if they are standing on stone.  In addition, the location that you are standing in becomes difficult terrain.  You may use this ability 3 times per day.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Shatter; Cost 3,600 gp

One Response to Magic Item: Silvershod Boots

  1. qorthos says:

    The reason why no one invites Sundown to play table-top RPG’s anymore:


    sunecaz: 7 pound boots

    sunecaz: what if the wearer is partially on stone … like it’s half an half

    or it’s a small stone, like mixed with other ingredients

    me: GM discretion, obviously.

    sunecaz: I’m sure the GM would get a little pissy after the umpteenth ‘what is this road made out of’ question

    me: heh

    it’s meant to be used underground

    but it could be used on pavement

    sunecaz: forever will GM’s venture into the Not-Stone Dungeons

    me: heh

    it’s a pretty small effect

    sunecaz: ‘it’s some old kind of Alabaster… I dunno’

    me: I doubt any GM would care


    sunecaz: what happens if you attempt to kick a rock golem in the nuts?

    me: heh

    he’ll get an attack of opportunity and smash your face in, obviously.

    sunecaz: but should he fail or roll a 1 … does just his crotch area assplode, or all of him

    like how much stone does a stomp fling

    me: just his crotch area

    and this is why no one invites you to play table-top games.

    sunecaz: I’m also like this when I actually play

    me: =p

    sunecaz: and yes, this is why I don’t play anymore


    me: use YOUR imagination

    sunecaz: I do, but usually mine is much better than the GM, and that’s cause for argument

    I just bull-charged this stone golem and did a flippin bruce lee to his nuts … obv his head should assplode

    me: then start GM’ing, and everytime a rock golem gets nut stomped by someone wearing silvershod boots then you can detail just how much of his genitalia goes flying.

    sunecaz: my rolls for hit location by flying rock penis include mouth and sphincter

    watch out about tripping/falling when the boots are about yo!

    god those boots give me ideas

    obv I’d make a guy with a turn stuff to stone spell as well

    I wouldn’t use any weapons, or clothes

    just ‘turn so and so to stone; kick in nuts’

    get like a half-centaur (lower) / medusa (upper) … and get like 2 pairs of the boots

    I’d have mules only carrying bits of stone heh

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