In 1977, Bill Seligman wrote an article for Dragon Magazine titled, “Gandalf was only a fifth level magic-user”.  It was a simple piece outlining how fantasy’s most well known wizard solved problems with spells of third-level or lower.  This, amongst other things, fueled Ryan Stoughton’s creation of a set of house rules known as E6, where characters capped at sixth level and only gained feats as they gain additional experience.  To me, this is an amazing concept.  It solves many of the problems I have with high-level adventures.  If you’ve ever felt that an orc with a bow should always be at least a small threat to an adventurer; or if you’ve thought that castle-building is pointless in a world where adventurers can fly, attack from invisibility and slay anything under level 10 with a single attack; or if combat in high-level adventures just runs to slow then this is for you.

P6 is a modification of Ryan Stoughton’s E6 rules to be used with The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

World Perspective

The world of P6 is predicated upon the concept that all monsters and adventurers are still threatened by an army of peasants.  This allows nations and communities to form around the rule of the majority or socially powerful.  Even the most powerful fighters must have the consent of the governed or at least have control of the population through threat of arms.  This is in stark contrast to non-P6 worlds where the national leaders are so powerful that they can single handedly destroy entire armies of peasants or rebels.

Sixth level characters are still considered heroic in these rles.  A sixth level fighter can still blitz through a small number of town guards with ease.  A sixth level sorcerer can destroy a tight formation of warriors or lay waste to an entire village.  But in the end, these characters are still vulnerable to the whims of mobs bent on vengeance.  A magistrate in a large town has the means to order the arrest of just about any character.  This makes the game world similar to the real world and more believable in consequence.

Players should still expect to run across sixth level NPC’s as sixth level represents the peak of mortal accomplishment.  Guard commanders, judges, mayors, merchant princes, etc all might have six levels of aristocrat, expert or warrior.  They cannot fight off a band of PCs; however they can still provide challenging social encounters for the players.

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