Character Advancement

In the P6 environment, characters will still advance as normal from first to sixth level.  Any additional experience earned after a character attains sixth level is then recorded and used to purchase new feats known as post-six feats.  Each additional 5,000 experience grants the character one new feat.

Sixth levels with multiple post-six feats can be easily described as “six plus {number of additional feats}”.  For example, a sixth level fighter with four post-six feats would be, “six plus four”.

Challenge Rating

For calculating CR, or APL, a character with five post-six feats is considered +1CR, and each every ten post-six feats beyond that counts as an additional +1CR.

Negative levels

Without 4th level spells (and thus Restoration), permanent negative levels can be crippling.   However characters are given the option of buying their way out of negative levels.  At the beginning of a new day, a character may voluntarily choose to spend 5,000 free experience points, or voluntarily lose one post-six feat, to remove a single permanent negative level.