The Kranthom Mine

Today I started and finished an outline for a Pathfinder Adventure called The Kranthom Mine. The adventure starts when the PC’s rescue an elderly dwarf beset by a group of rampaging goblins. Thankful for his rescue, the dwarf tells the PCs about how fifty years ago his clan was forced to abandon a profitable silver mine in the Silverwater Run. This starts the PCs down a path of adventure that will start with them voluntarily jumping into a four thousand foot deep mine shaft and ending with the PCs careening through underground tunnel on the top of fully laden mine carts while kobolds armored in bone and shell shoot at them with primitive bows and slings.


Should be a blast.


The Silverwater Run and the surrounding area:


P6 Pregenerated Characters

I’ve added twenty-five pregenerated characters of sixth level for the P6 rules.  While they are intended to be used in a P6 adventure, they are perfectly acceptable for a character in The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

P6 – Expanded Rules for Pathfinder

I’ve added expanded rules for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game called P6.  It limits characters to sixth level but allows characters to continue advancing through purchasing new feats.  This isn’t intended to address any balance issues within the core game system, but rather aid in the creation of low fantasy worlds.

Hello World!

So In The Libyan Fable It Is Told That Once An Eagle, Stricken With A Dart, Said, When He Saw The Fashion Of The Shaft, “With Our Own Feathers, Not By Others’ Hands, Are We Now Smitten.

– Aeschylus