Magic Item: Elixir, Miner’s

New Wondrous Item from the Silverwater Run: Kranthom Mines module:
Elixir, Miner’s
Aura Faint Divination; CL 2nd
Slot -; Price 300 gp; Weight
Drinking this elixir grants the imbiber the ability to see through natural rock formations up to one mile away as if they were transparent glass.  Void spaces in the rock appear as black and opaque, which allows the user to identify nearby tunnels, chasms and shafts.  Minerals containing metals sparkle in various pastel hues allowing the imbiber to identify them.  This elixir lasts for 1 minute and then fades away.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Darkvision; Cost  150 gp

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